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Are you a morning person? Do you jump out of bed in the morning and enjoy a bit of leisure before work, or do you have to drag your sorry butt out of bed?”

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  • I have always been a morning person, and, like vc, am becoming even more of one as I get older. These days I'm waking (no alarm necessary!) at about 5. Gets me one, some days closer to two, lovely, quiet hours all to myself. But I could not in a million years enjoy those same two hours at the end of my day. I'd just be wanting my BED!!

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  • I'm a mornging person and love to see the sun come up. I jump out of bed and drink decafe tea! Sickening.....I know but as I get older I go to sleep earlier and wake up even earlier!

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  • I can think SO much more clearly in the AM. And yet...I still hate to get out of bed in the mornings! And it's getting worse the older I get - bed is the BEST place in the world. I'm the one who tends to our 16mo most of the time, putting her to bed, getting up in the night and so on, but my husband is great about getting up first in the morning. He seems to need a lot less sleep than I do. So that is heaven, lying there and savoring a few minutes extra under the covers, while he gets her up and gets coffee brewing. Ahh. There is no way in the world I'd ever get up at 5am for a workout. I'm in awe of you people!!

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  • My day is shockingly similar to kathyhowe's. Roll reluctantly out of the bed at about 5:30 (5:45 if i'm particularly unwilling that morning) Wake kiddo up @ 6:00 then out to school/work by 7:00. Saturdays.....aaahhhh saturdays, let's just say we all stay in our jammies and snuggle until after noon.

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  • I definitely jump out of bed with a spring in my step. Ha ha. I love mornings ... but then crash early and become a grump quickly in the evening. My hubby is opposite: grumpy in the am and then full of life at night.

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  • I admit, I'm one who doesn't like to get out of bed. Once I'm up, I'm up but if I don't have to get up...ahhh. And of course I always have to get up. My 3 yo comes to my side of the bed, climbs up and kisses my cheek all sweetly then starts to talk a mile a minute, sometimes sliding down next to me and saying she'll give me a couple more minutes while she talks and talks and talks...ah, but if their Papa is home they want him so most times I get to stay in bed and I do what I've always done: pick up a book and read a few pages before getting up. I swear, I can hold my bladder forever so why get up if I don't really have to? And he can just jump out of bed (very grumpy but he can do it). I'm pretty smiley and happy most often though, even if I don't want to get up.

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  • I always thought I was a night person but I've changed as I've gotten older! When I had to get up and get the kids off to school I used to drag my butt out of bed every morning. Now that the kids are grown up and moved out I wake up earlier than I did before.

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  • I'm a morning person by force not choice. I think in my most perfect world ever I would sleep until 8:30am every day, lounge around a bit before getting ready to start my day. Reality is I get up at 5am (5x a week) to work out for 45 minutes. From there I hit the morning routine then start getting kids up and off to school. I am on the road for the office by 7am. My sorry butt gets dragged out of bed every! single! day!

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