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For WAHM's. Do you schedule your days/nights on when you work or do you just work whenever you get time? ”

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  • Yes, I have a very set schedule, based on day of the week (one for Mondays, one for Tue-Fri, and one for weekends). I work full time from home, so those hours are set (luckily they are flexible - not 9-5). I do my own freelancing work early in the morning and late in the evening, and on weekends while my daughter is napping. I'm lucky that my husband and I have our full-time work schedules setup fairly well so we can take care of DD while the other works. I only have to work w/ her 2 hours a week, which isn't so bad. The rest of the time, I basically work while she's sleeping. Tough juggling 2 jobs, but I've found a system that works very well for me. I'm exhausted, lol, but it works well (sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do... KWIM?)

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  • Whenever and wherever I can! Plus one morning a week my 1yr old now goes to a Moms Morning Out program, so I can work at a cafe for three hours. Yay!! (But...she usually catches a cold from one of the other kids, which means the whole next week we are both sick!!) And one morning a week my husband tries to watch her so, again, I can go to a cafe. But it is very difficult and all the WAHM's I know are in this position where it is a constant struggle. I love working from home, but it's not for everyone!!

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  • I find it essential to schedule my work time. The nanny comes from 12-4 M-F, and I aim to work from 12:30 until my son wakes from his nap (usually 5 or 6). Being a WAHM still give me the flexiblity to switch the schedule if something comes up, but having the set routine is good for both my son and I.

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  • My kids are very young (2 and 10 months) so scheduling is not really working for me. I just work when I can, usually during naps and at night, or when my husband can look after them . . . or occasionally when they are playing happily together.

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  • I "try" to schedule my daily routine of work around my family's schedules, such as taking kids to school, picking them up,dinner time,when DH isn't home,when everyone else is sleeping, etc. however, there are those times when it just isn't happening, like when one of the kids get sick at school and has to be picked up early, or stay home altogether. On those days, it's "work whenever you can". Of course, these are all some of the reasons I decided I wanted to work from home in the first place, to have more flexibility. Even still, there are those times it's frustrating, - having to stop, start, stop, but then I just B-R-E-A-T-H-E ............. and realize it's just the nature of the beast! No job is perfect, though working from home comes pretty "doggone" close. (Can you tell I'm from Texas?)

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