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How long is your commute to work? Do you find it relaxing or annoying?”

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  • I work from home a lot, but when I go into the office twice a week, I walk 20 minutes along the Bosphorus. It's gorgeous. I do commute 45 minutes in each direction four or five times a week to take my daughter to ride our horse. She is a competitive dressage rider, so this is kind of like a job for me. I edit while she is riding.

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  • One of the lovely things about being self-employed. My 'commute' is from my bedroom to my study. I love it - particularly on frigid February mornings.

    My former FIL, though: he commuted a full hour each way for twenty years, and professed to love it. He left super-early in the mornings (5:30) so as to drive on quiet roads. He listened to music or tapes of books. He said it was oasis of quiet and a time to think in an otherwise hectic day. He's 70 now, and he still loves to drive. He finds long drives (three and more hours) relaxing.

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  • I commute about 30 minutes each way on work days. In the morning I find the commute very stressful! I'm not a morning person to begin with so it's hard to get going and I'm always nervous about getting to work in time (usually because I leave at the last second possible.) Living in Wisconsin, the weather also plays a huge factor. In the winter, when it is snowing, the roads can be downright treacherous. In the afternoon, I don't mind the commute at all. The half-hour I spend in the car between work and home is wonderful. It allows me some quiet time to decompress and provides a good buffer between work and home.

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  • Wow, my favorite subject - not! I live in the Los Angeles area, the cradle of freeway culture, where public transportation is still largely theoretical. My commute is 30 miles each way, and depending on conditions (weather, accidents, etc.), the drive can take anywhere from 40 minutes to more than 90 minutes. This morning we had some rain, which is not too common in general here and VERY unusual for this time of year, so no one remembered how to drive in it and traffic was a mess. I would definitely describe my commute as anywhere from "annoying" to "my job's not worth taking this long to get there," depending on the circumstances. But answering this question has let me vent, so thanks for that :-)!

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