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Who can give me some advice on how to market my product? It is new, fun and proven to be loved by kids all over.”

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  • Go to the big idea with Donny Deutsch and watch his show, get your pen and pad take note and set your goals High. Let me know how it goes.

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  • thanks, susan! I did just order a bunch of businesscard sized promotional cards to hand out/leave behind, etc. I also started donating to silent auctions at several schools. I haven't asked any websites yet, but will get on that too. I guess i have felt my site isn't all that good, but need to get over that feeling! the press releas thing hasn't worked out for me yet, but I'll give it another whirl. thanks so much for taking the time to support me in this!

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  • Have you taken it to school yet? Have cards ready for when moms/kids ask you about it. Yes, it may seem uncomfortable at first, but it is the best fastest cheapest marketing tool. Also, if your school, or neighboring school or any child whatever uses auctions for fundraising or asks for local businesses to donate product, donate one of your bags. Be sure to include info on how to order them. You can ask related websites if you can link with them. Give a few to friends with kids (if they are willing to hand out a couple of your cards, when people ask.) Contact the marketing or pr department of family websites, magazines, etc. and ask if they print press releases.

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  • It's a fuzzy children's wrap/pillow/bacpack. You can check it out on

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  • What is it?

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