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How often does your significant other take the kids out and let you have the house to yourself? where do they go?”

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  • the only "me" time I get is when the boys go outside on the weekend and I stay inside by myself and clean. But it's kind of nice to put my ipod in and dance around the house with no one watching!

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  • I scheduled and mommy and me class for Saturday morning but requested my husband take DD to the class every saturday morning. This past saturday he took her and then took her to deli for brunch. That gave me 2 hrs/
    Then on Sundays my son goes to soccer camp and DH takes him there too and then they grab a snack after that class.

    I have to say with my first child DH wasn't nearly as involved as he is now. My husband does a ton with the kids on the weekends. Thankfully or I would go nutso. I need a little break.

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  • Um, never. Then recently I realized: for some "me" time I don't want to go out. I want to have THEM go out and let me relax out on the deck and listen to the birds cheep-cheeping. So when DH went for his usual Sunday morning bagel run I said, 'why don't you take M with you?' And he did. 20 minutes of solitary heaven ensued.

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  • my hubby will take DS to 7-11 around the corner and it lasts for all of about 5 minutes :) usually i am the one taking DS out so hubby has some time to himself since he doesnt count evenings as his 'me' time. Most of the time we trade off and then do a lot together. Sometimes i take DS with me shopping (grocery, errands, etc.) and to see local family without hubby and other times he will stay home with DS while i meet a friend for coffee or go shopping/lunch with a girl friend. since we both work outside the home we tend to just play it by ear during the weekends!

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