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Moms who travel for business: Can you share any tips to make it easier on you and your family? What helps you make your tips and return home smoother?”

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  • I don't travel for work now but when I did my mom or dad stayed at my house with my kids. I'm a single parent so I absolutely needed someone to be there with the kids. IT was an added bonus that they also took care of pets, mail and other household responsibilities. I think even if I were married I would still ask a parent to come stay and help out. An extra helpful person around certainly helps keep things running smoothly.

    Also, if my dad stays with me I get a housekeeper to come clean my house at the end of his stay. He's MESSY and coming home to a mess makes me CrAzY!!! LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 5th March 2008

  • Susan, what a great idea about the best friends necklace -- I have a trip coming up and will make one for me and my daughter.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 4th March 2008

  • My sister in law left something special (wrapped) for each day that she was gone. "Gifts" have included a photograph of the family, a letter, a chocolate bar, a book, a poem, an activity, etc. Her daughter was so excited to see the surprises every evening, it helped pass the time.

    You can also try to schedule a phone call every day at the same time.

    What if your children borrow something "special" of yours everytime you are gone: a t-shirt of yours to wear at night; a spritz of your perfume; etc.

    How about racking up the points. For every day you have to go out of town the children get one hour of extra special family time? A movie, bowling, etc.

    One last idea: a best friends-type necklace (not sure what to suggest for a boy) that can be split when apart.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 4th March 2008

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