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I have a 10 year old boy...who is active in sports...and life...and tends to get a little stinky. It is time (maybe past time...but don't judge!) he start wearing deodorant. I have gotten him a few different brands...but cannot find any that don't make him smell like a grown man. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy? I hate that he smells like he is ready to head out the door to git wit da ladies. I remember when I was a young girl, Tickle was the deodorant brand of choice. Do they have a male version? Help a mom out!”

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  • Our 9-year-old has this same problem. It's really disconcerting to smell Old Spice on a young kid, isn't it?

    You could try some of the "unscented" varieties, and let him spritz on a very tiny bit of a mom-approved cologne to customize his own scent. Or try one of the Toms of Maine natural deoderants.

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