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How do you find a good financial planner? There is a related discussion going on in the groups about how to manage money and Nataly actually asked this question and I wondered if you do use one, how did you find them? Are there any specific things we should look for when searching?”

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  • Best option, go to It will come up as a home business opportunity. But the product itself, besides teaching you to make money, will also teach you to become debt free in 8-12 years (including mortgages, car loans, etc) as well as teach you good ways to invest. I can't tell you how much this has helped us.

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  • We didn't do a lot of research. I put my business card in a fish bowl at a restaurant and a couple of weeks later got a call from a kid who said we could invite 10 people for lunch at the same restaurant. So we did. And then we hired him. We don't have a lot to invest and just starting with him gave us a lot of great savings and planning and budgeting ideas that we had planned on doing but hadn't gotten around to. Having him has helped a lot. He got us on track and helped save money in lots of ways (so that we can spend that money on fees with his company - ha!)

    I'm sure if we'd gone with someone more seasoned and knowledgeable but we really like the idea that we're helping him, too. Does that make sense?

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  • I went to a financial planner and was unimpressed. I decided after that to go to a financial coach. I pretty much taught myself about investing, I am president of an investment club and Better Investing. So I did a whole lot of research and self education after I dumped my financial planner. I had conversations with a friend of mine who later became a financial coach. With her help and my research, I have comfortably learned how to manage my own finances. I say all that to say do your research first. Learn as much as you can so you reduce the chance of being taken advantage of. Ask for referrals from people you trust.

    I have a checklist that you can use to screen financial planners. If you're interested, just email me and I'll send it to you. Check this association as well

    Good luck

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  • When I was looking for a financial planner I asked the person that I respected the most from a financial perspective who they used. After talking to his financial planner I decided that they should be mine too!

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