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It seems like anytime I get online, I see new articles about why its so great to remain childless and it seems like the movement is spreading. Does anyone else find this a little disturbing? To each his own but it seems like many people who comment on these articles choose to remain childless do so out of hatred and disgust for children, think that being a parent is pathetic and value material accomplishments over anything else. I'm just curious to whether or not other parents have seen this recent movement growing and what their thoughts are.”

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  • I have found that these studies are used to back up the opinions of people who already want to remain childless and it helps them validate their choices. Things go in cycles, and soon enough there will be a study that having children prolongs your life and makes you happier, etc etc. I usually don't pay any attention to them, but I understand that they can be disturbing.

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  • This new push against procreating just makes me pose the question "What are some people teaching their kids?" Obviously the people making the nasty comments about how kids are money-sucking, freedom-taking leeches and so forth have parents, they didn't just appear on the face of the Earth. lol. It just makes me sad that somewhere, along the road, these people got the message that money, careers and material posessions provide more fullfilment than family and love. My ex's mom was a preschool teacher (scary) who actually disliked kids and was always telling hmy ex what snot-nosed brats they all were. I can imagine that hearing as a child would hurt since he was one, but it did raise him to believe the same (main reason he's my ex). I just never thought that this attitude would suddenly become a movement.

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  • I do sense a push against procreating. To me, it seems like they are saying "see, this study proves that it's dumb to expand your family; you'll regret it." I do think there's an underlying agenda. I believe it's counterproductive, however. The people most likely to be swayed by it are not the ones most likely to produce offspring who'll be a net cost to society / mother Earth.

    I also think the studies are poorly done and poorly reported. The smartest thing to do, in my opinion, is to treat study results the same as testimony in an adversarial trial. Just because it's a "research result" doesn't mean it isn't one-sided.

    All I can do is let people know that I personally am happy to be a parent. There has never been a minute when I wish I'd remained childless. (Might revisit that when my daughters are 13, but probably not.) I do know people who are very happy being childless, and not based on any study. It isn't for everyone, but that doesn't make it stupid or selfish.

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