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We live in a mid sized city in Illinois. It is not a very stimulating environment but our family is here and our kids enjoy their life, the problem is that my husband and I are very uninspired here and the weather is horrible. We are considering moving to Florida, but unsure about leaving family and the change on our 11 and 12 y.o daughters, any advice?”

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  • I moved from MI (brrrr) to Atlanta 9 years ago and I haven't regretted it once. I agree with Kate, I could never live in florida, talk about a culture shock coming from IL. Would you be moving for career? Florida (depending what part) is like a different world. I am always down there for work and every time I say to myself, MAN I could never live here. (no offense to the floridians on this site)

    I will tell you, it is really tough to not have family around. But we make due, and I am much happier out of the MI weather!

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  • I am wondering the same thing as Kate. Is Florida a random choice? I think being inspired may have more to do with the activities you participate in and the people you interact with than anything. I live in Minnesota so I FULLY understand how dreary weather can be tiring (especially long cold winters). I would look to see what new hobbies you and your family might want to look into that will help you get thru the various seasons. This year I took my kids snow tubing for the first time and we started snow boarding. Winter is not my favorite season but being active and outside in the fresh air (getting exercise) is definitely inspiring for me! :) Good luck with your decision!!

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  • is florida a random choice? are there any inspiring (and warmer!) locations a little closer? if your kids are used to being around your family a lot and have lots of friends, i think it would be hard.... but if they are up for 'adventure' you could try taking a long vacation in different locations and see if you like it enough to stay there!
    i am not a fan of FL - too many hurricans, super hot and humid in the summer and lots of HUGE weird bugs LOL but that's me :) i have a friend who moved there and LOVES IT!

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