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What are your best tips for coming back from vacation and going back to the work/family juggle?”

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  • Mine is similar to Diane and Florinda's. If you're going away,don't return the evening before you go back to work. Get home to your house a couple of days before you have to go back to work. You can get the laundry, etc, done, your kids can relax in familiar surroundings, maybe you can all catch up on some sleep, before getting back into the regular routine.

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  • I just came up with this tip - although it's not necessarily applicable in full if you're going away with your kids. I was at a conference for a few days - which is almost like vacation! - and when I came back I didn't unpack for one day. I got to work and to taking care of things at home and did the unpacking later. It helped in a surprising way.

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  • My suggestion is similar to Diane's; if you're actually going somewhere for your vacation, build in a "buffer day" between your return home and return to work. For me, that day usually ends up being used for domestic stuff - unpacking, catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, etc. - so that's not nagging at me when I get back to work.

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  • My best tip is to put in your "out of office" email response that you are returning a day or two later than you actually return. This gives you some time to catch up before everyone hits you with new stuff.

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