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A few freinds were talking about the Spitzer ordeal and his wife came up. I personally would not stand with my husband if he was to do what spitzer did. Would you stand with yours at press time? For me that is part of "you play you pay". ”

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  • No I would not. I believe it sends a terrible message to our young women for wives to stand next to the husbands who have degraded, decieved and used them. But they may have an arrangement, but that still sends a horrible message to young women about what is acceptable and honorable about marriage.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by LeighJ on 14th March 2008

  • I'm not married so there is nobody I need to stand up for in such circumstances? Would I? I can't even begin to answer that. I have never walked in those shoes so I can't speak to how I would feel if I did. That said, my thoughts are in line with Kate's comment. I wonder if the wife knew or at the very least suspected and either chose to do nothing or supported it?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 13th March 2008

  • There is no way in the world that I would stand with my husband under those circumstances.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 13th March 2008

  • No way, I would be done. But you are right Kate, who knows what kind of arrangement they have behind the scenes. Could be like the Clintons....

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Evansmom on 13th March 2008

  • i think political wives are just different! apparently she wanted him to stay in the office and he and his advisors just couldnt make it work - she is probably just in it for the 'power'. who knows, maybe the 'escorts' were HER idea LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 13th March 2008