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If you work from home, what do you do? Do you like it and do you like working at home?”

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  • I second what Claire said. I've been working from home since 1997 (writer) and though the freedom is great, it does have quite a few challenges. My oldest son picked up the phone in the middle of a conference call the other day (ugh!). I don't think I could go back to an office, but I do sometimes find myself working odd hours because I didn't accomplish everything I needed and to and it can be hard to get away from work. It's always there. Waiting.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cara on 17th March 2008

  • Working at home is harder than I think anyone who doesn't do it can imagine. Some of the work I do is okay from home because I can start and stop without issue when the kids need me. BUT I also do tax work that requires concentration and everytime the kids say Mom - I have to start over my thought processes over.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Claire on 16th March 2008

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