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At delivery, did you know your child's gender or were you surprised? ”

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  • I was surprised all 2 times.

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  • I had an amnio 'cause I was going to be 35 when I delivered. We went thru the genetic counseling session and when they asked, I told them yes, that if a technician was going to know, I most certainly wanted to know. Later, they sent me a photo of all 23 pairs of her chromosomes lined up. I put that in her baby book with her ultrasound pic and told her later that those were the very FIRST pics of her.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JKLD on 20th March 2008

  • Surprise! Life has so few surprises any more....and everyone had so much fun guessing! A taxi cab driver in NYC pulled over across two lanes to guess (yes, I was showing THAT much!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on 19th March 2008

  • I found out both times. I am a planner and I loved finding out.

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  • I wanted it to be a surprise but my sister had to know, so I asked the Doctor to write the gender on a slip of paper and mail it to her in an envelope I provided! I knew all along that she was going to be a girl though!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ancgan on 18th March 2008

  • I enjoyed knowing. Since they were pretty confident at the U/S of the gender, I felt I could allow myself to believe that. I found myself bonding even further with my child while they were still in the womb. - Paula.

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  • With my first one, we were surprised. We knew with the second one.

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  • I am a planner, had to know!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Evansmom on 18th March 2008

  • i knew since conception that it was a boy! you could not convince me otherwise - so the ultrasound proved me right and saved me 9+ months of arguing lol!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 18th March 2008

  • Surprised all 4 times (including twins)! For my first pregnancy, that moment my son appeared and the anticipation we felt to see/hear what it was....was the BEST moment of my life! I didn't want to be influenced by gender, so my sons room had a safari theme with a multitude of colors!

    For the twins, the excitement was almost unbearable and people could NOT believe we didn't know what we were having. It was so much fun...even the hospital staff couldn't wait to find out...oh its a girl...hey, and another girl!!!!!!! The twins room we picked a beach theme with all kinds of fish, seahorses, crabs, whales, buckets etc!

    So, for my 4th, we wanted it no other way and it was wonderful. I often think back to those moments and it brings a huge smile to my face!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 18th March 2008

  • I was surprised. I didn't want to know my baby's sex. Strangely enough, my baby didn't want us to know either because as the doctor is looking and asking us if we wanted to know she stated she couldn't tell because the baby had it's legs crossed. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Juanita Dailey on 18th March 2008

  • I was surprised. As things stand, gender identification is banned in India because of high levels of female feticide. But even if the wasn't, I'd have preferred to be surprised. Fortunately, the whole blue-for-boys thing is not so prevalent in India (although it is catching up). I just picked up (mostly) gender neutral colors. It's also considered 'inauspicious' in many communities to give a baby gift before the baby's born. Even that is changing, though. Globalization catches up. Some of my friends who live in the US got around the whole preparation problem by doing up the nursery in gender neutral colors which meant it was easy to continue with that when the next child came along.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by A Lost Writer on 18th March 2008