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Necessity is the mother of invention, so what things around the house have you re-purposed into baby gear?”

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  • -- The teeny tiny seafood forks that came with my silverware set have been turned into everyday eating utensils for my toddler. Likewise all of my demitasse spoons.

    -- Espresso cups and saucers are awesome for tea parties with stuffed animal guests.

    -- Old phone books are perfect for messy craft projects involving glue. Open them up, set your project on top and, when you're done, rip out the gluey pages and throw them away before storing the rest of the phone book.

    -- Old phone books are also great boosters, in a pinch, for your preschooler who refuses to sit in a booster seat at the table.

    -- Yogurt container lids are great for holding dabs of paint for a project. The cups are the perfect size for holding water for watercoloring.

    -- Butter cookie tins are terrific drum sets when paired with a set of (blunt) chopsticks.

    -- mismatched socks make great hand puppets.

    -- Bandanas make good gift wrap, in a pinch

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  • A few things I've "life-hacked":
    -- a $10 Ikea stepstool has become the perfect solo picnic table in the kitchen for DD to eat a snack while I'm cooking
    -- Two linked rubber bands are the best; first, to make a hands-free pumping gadget, and now, to baby-proof cabinets with knobs
    -- I once splurged on a "progressive" light, music, and aromatherapy alarm clock. Now I use its progressive light function to help DD know when it's time to wake up (well, actually, when it is time to stay asleep, at least until 5:30, I'm begging you)

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  • Thanks Brandi - the lapdesk idea is a great one.
    A few others I thought of:
    -- Ice cube trays and wax paper (to cover) for freezing homemade baby food
    -- Muffin trays lined with wax paper liners for freezing toddler meals (pasta, mashed potatoes, etc)

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  • -- Dining room chairs were used as impromptu baby gates
    -- The lapdesk my BFF bought me (which was probably for kids anyway, but..) when I was prego so I could write my journal in bed without having to lay on my tummy is now my 4 year old's snack, play, & craft table
    -- Ziplock baggies. I mean before I had a kid I NEVER would have imagined the uses of those little gems!

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