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Besides being a mom, what's your proudest accomplishment?”

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  • My other proudest accomplishment would have to be coming to the understanding that I can trust myself to know the right thing to do. I can trust my intuition, I can make choices, and I am mature enough to accept what follows. This is I feel my proudest accomplishment thus far. :)

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  • My web skills. I taught myself HTML when my daughter was little, kind of on the side. From that I went to designing web sites and then started taking my writing more seriously. Once I started blogging I got into digital photography and this has been very gratifying. My equestrian photographs were featureed in this year's national dressage test book. Websites, writing, photography all came from the day I picked up the HTML book.

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  • Learning to stand up for myself: fully, completely, and with NO FEAR with my (abusive) ex.
    Go, me!

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  • Since you excluded being a mom, I'd definitely have to say graduating from medical school with my MD, and then having the guts to put my degree on the shelf and do something I really had a passion for. Instead of taking the obvious path of starting my residency training I decided to stay home with my girls and start my own business -

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