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How long is your commute to work? Do you dread it or take advantage of it as some time for you?”

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  • My drive is about 30-40 minutes. In the morning, I use it as "me" time -- time to wake up, mentally prepare for the day, maybe indulge in a good talk show on the radio, etc. My afternoon drive I like to spend catching up with family -- many times I will use this time to call my mother who lives across the country or to chat with one of my sisters (that also do not live close by). Once I get home it's all about the family and I find by the time the kids are in bed I just don't feel like spending that time on the phone. So, calling during my commute home has worked out really nice -- and, it helps that it is a good time for my family members as well! :)

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  • My commute is about 30 minutes on a good morning. I don't mind it. I spend the first half waking up...stop at Starbucks...and then the last 15 minutes I spend listening to the radio. The ride home helps me wind down...catch up on phone calls...or just listen to music.

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  • My commute is about 45min if the traffic is good. I love and hate it. Friday afternoon's are the worse my ride is at least 60 min. that day. When the traffice is good I enjoy the ride. I love listening to the radio to MY station and enjoy the whole song not be intruped 5 times.

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  • My commute is an hour or more, depending upon traffic. I alternately love and hate it. I joined our local library and listen to books on CD very frequently. Sometimes I don't want to get out of the car! I get phone calls made and talk with long distance family. But I get some sciatic pain in my "gas foot" leg (right leg) if the traffic is too stop and go. Then I hate my commute because I'm in pain!!

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  • My morning commute is usually 45-60 minutes, depending if I drive all the way in or save some gas money and ride the bus (the bus takes longer!) I do use the time wisely, but dread it just the same. I'd much rather work close to home and gain 1-2 unproductive hours of my day back.

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  • I work at home, so I don't commute to work, but I commute an hour one way to school twice a week.

    I take advantage of the time, I crank the radio up, I have my mini-tape recorder handy as new ideas pop into my head.

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  • My commute is about 35-40 minutes each way. I consider it my "me time". I avoid taking/making phone calls and talk radio. I either drive in silence or listen to music. Usually it is the only time in the day that I have to myself outside of bathroom breaks and my morning shower.

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  • My morning commute is only about 15-20 minutes, but that is my time to ROCK OUT! In my car I'm a rock star and I give the concert of a lifetime!!!

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  • i love my morning commute - it's about 45 min and i usually break it up with a stop at starbucks for some coffee and just take the time to listen to my favorite guys on the radio and think about my day and schedule and mentally prepare!
    coming home - there is a lot more traffic and it's frustraiting because i just want to be HOME already! but it does allow me to transition from work stress to home happy! and once in a while i call people (bluetooth in the car) to catch up ...

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  • It's about 5 minutes on a bad day when the lights are working against me. That is the beauty of small town life...there's really no job in town that would take more than 10 minutes to get to on a bad day. Could probably walk nearly everywhere in 30 minutes or so...if I was still the walk everywhere type.

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  • My current commute is about 45 minutes and I do use it as time for myself: make calls (if I'm not the one driving) or listening to music, doing breathing exercises, just closing my eyes and relaxing. I used to travel 30 km each way when I was in Delhi and used a bus. I did the same then. Sometimes, I would just observe stuff around me and that gave me ideas to write.

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