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Okay ladies, Birth Control Time. What are you on? What's working? I know I want to have another kid in the future (and by future, I mean--a long time from now!!!) but my previous long-term contraceptive method (Mirena) was a pain. Is anyone doing something that's working??? Other than condoms???”

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  • Snip snip for hubby and it's been great. No pressure, no remembering, my body is getting back into it's own rhythm. Very freeing since we decided we were done. And, on the off chance we're not, there are many children out there who could use our love. So the vasectomy is all around great here.

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  • I´ve tried the Pill, Depro, condoms . . . and gotten pregnant on all of them. :S The only thing that actually worked for any length of time is the rhythm method, but you really have to be on top of things for that. My husband and I have decided that we´re stopping (after 5 pregnancies and two babies) and he is getting a vasectomy.

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  • thanks for all the answers! i have an appointment tomorrow to get the IUD (mirena, probably) put back in. i agree that it is the most hassle-free method and--right now--that's about all i could see working! :) i didn't like it pre-pregnancy b/c it did cause me to bleed [more than when i was on depo]; however i'm bleeding all the time now (!) so it can't be worse than that... hopefully, if i leave it in, it'll regulate my periods a little more.

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  • I use the Mirena IUD and, outside of some cramping after the initial placement, have had absolutely no problems. That also includes no bleeding during my monthly cycle which is something that I love!

    I do understand that IUD's are not always a breeze for everyone, but for me it has been great! I think it probably is just like all other birth control options out there, right for some people and not right for others.

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  • I have a thyroid issue.. so I chart. I know exactly when I'm ovulating so we just avoid sex during those days. Voila. No hormones, it's free, and it's pretty effective for us. :) It can be a little daunting to take your temp in the morning, but you get used to it after a while. Pretty soon you just recognize your body's routine.

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  • -Have an appointment next week to discuss "getting spayed"...but have been on the pill for 3 years, the mini-pill - since the regular gave me migraines...

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  • I was on the pill, in a couple of different forms, until my late thirties. My doctor took me off it due to concerns about my weight and blood pressure. Since I was single (divorced) and celibate at the time, it didn't make a big difference.

    But if you do want another child eventually, my current method wouldn't be a good one for you. I've known for awhile that I DIDN'T want any more, and when I got married for the second time, I married a guy who had already had a vasectomy (he didn't want more kids either). We've found that it's quite reliable. :-)

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  • I had an IUD after my third daughter... didn't like it. Copper ones make cycles heavier... Mirena makes them lighter.... but seriously, having something in my body floating around kind of freaked me out! Then the strings disappeared... so I was freaked more... and the insertion and removal hurt something fierce. If you do an IUD be prepared for weird bleeding... spotting in between cycles, heavier cycles with standard IUD and with Mirena they may eventually stop all together.

    Just started on Yaz... it's good so far.... stops the mood changes because you take it for 24 days instead of the standard 21 days... and helps keep you from breaking out. Both good things. I am taking it for suppression therapy now because my health requires stopping of cycles. So I take it all the time.... 365 days a year and not having periods.... what a joy! Hubby got a vasectomy because he says NO MORE KIDS EVER. (We have 4). So this is purely for my health and not for birth control any longer.

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  • IUD. It's passsive (you are not responsible for remembering anything) and hormone free. Click here:

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  • i just had my third child and i am thinking of using the iud but i dont know if i like the concept of something being stuck up there what if it comes lose or something ? well ne ways i probably go back to the pill!! lol

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  • The pill is great for us.
    Been on Norvettte, tried switching to new ones, didnt work well. So went back to ol' faithful!
    Reliable, cheap, 99.9

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  • I am on tri-nessa "the pill", it has been very effective and the side effect seem alot less than from the Depo shot. Although, I am thinking of looking into an IUD.

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