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Okay ladies, Birth Control Time. What are you on? What's working? I know I want to have another kid in the future (and by future, I mean--a long time from now!!!) but my previous long-term contraceptive method (Mirena) was a pain. Is anyone doing something that's working??? Other than condoms???”

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  • I was on depo-provera from the age 21 - 37. I got off of it to have my two kids and am off of it now because I don't need it (I had a hysterectomy). I LOVED DEPO!!!!!!!!!!! After about a year of being on it I had no period at all. No cramps either. IT WAS BLISS!!!

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  • I have 4 children and know what you mean. I have a thyroid issue and every hormonally based contraception is out of the question for me as it increases my blood pressure :(

    So, I tried condoms and gels and they aren't conducive when you're in a marriage, (laugh)!

    But, I finally went with an IUD in 2006 after I had my 4th (while I was using the gels, go figure...hahahaha!

    I love my choice, it's easy, no hassels, no hormones, no side effects, no calendars, no counting, no rings and best of all....I can have my doctor take it out at any time to have another baby with no waiting periods or anything.

    I highly recommend it! One small drawback...your periods may get a little heavier for the first few months while your body adjusts to it, but mine went back to normal after.

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  • I use the NUVA RING and it works well for me. I just mark a calender when I put it in and count 28 days when I need to take it out for a week...then do the same thing for the next month. I pretty much forget about it until I glance at the calendar. Works well for me.

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  • hrmm i am insanely regular so we just um... plan well :) LOL

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  • Sorry, I don't have any words of wisdom, just a question. I was thinking of Mirena for myself. Why didn't you like it?


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