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If you had a choice, would you work for a female or male boss?”

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  • I'd definitely prefer to work for a male, unless I could qualify that the female in question did not have the issues I've found prevalent in many of the women I've worked for or with. The last woman I worked for was so evil - extremely intelligent, mind you, but the intelligence was couched in bitter, nasty behavior that was directed towards women who chose to have a life outside of work. As a former executive myself, I have found that many women who are high up in corporate America, where I worked, were far nastier than the men. I would not rule out a woman as a business partner, particularly since I know that there are many women like myself who are driven, entrepreneurial and appreciative of balance. But if I had to re-enter the workforce full-time in a corporate capacity I'd be very apprehensive about working for a woman.

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  • Very interesting question. I have had bad bosses of both genders. I honestly have never thought about it before. I think the question for me is: Are they of equal or greater intelligence? I have a hard time working under someone I suspect isn't as smart as I am. That has been a bigger problem than gender.

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  • I hate to write this, but from my experience, I'd probably pick a male boss. Unfortunately, I have some horrific experiences with women bosses and while I know that this is such a generalization, I've found it to be true in my career. I do, however, think that if I met a woman who was a great leader and cared about supporting and promoting those who worked for her, I would get over my bias. Sadly, I've not run into this person yet - and this is largely because I've worked in fields dominated by men.

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