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Does anyone have any suggestions/anecdotes/clever yarns about good home-based businesses? I sold Avon in the passed and wasn't really movitivated by their product or business model. Has anyone had a fantastic (and somewhat simple) experience selling for a direct retailer? ”

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  • My mom sold avon for as long as I can remember, I think she still does, just for the discount. Me I personally have several Home based businesses, Nut the One I am most passionate about is Shaklee, due to their Overwhelming response in media and local communities. They are the only carbon neutral company that has been awarded since 2002, Massive green points!! among tons of other positives. ASK me anything.

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  • My advice:

    If you are looking for a BUSINESS, go with your passions, things that interest and motivate you the most. Build a list and use that to begin your search.

    Review your budget -- know ahead of time what you are willing and able to invest into your business, including start-up costs and ongoing maintenance and promotion.

    Find a rep to contact, check out their websites, ask questions, do your own independent research. Check resources such as,, and for potential scams.

    ~ Ulanda ~

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  • sorry, for the repose, I guess I read what I wanted to "smile" and just assumed.

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  • Find something you enjoy and can see yourself doing for awhile- nothing like having a work at home job that makes you will get old very fast.

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  • Hi Chrissy,

    my husband and I have our own business, and it maybe something you would like. I used to see avon as well, but there is so many thing like that out there, and the money isn't huge, a couple bucks here and there. Please check out my profile, and our business opportunity, there is only one product, and it is a great opportunity. Good luck,

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  • (Pay no attention to the misspelling behind that curtain! I meant 'past'...)

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