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i find a great deal of infos here i am glad i joined work it mom, but i have a question where does your children go after school time my daughter is going to school next year and i donot know where will she go after school and by the time i return home normally 8 pm will she be capable of interacting and doing her homework with me, will her grades be affected??? thanks alot”

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  • Check to see if her school has an after-school program. The ones around here often do. My kids' school has a program up to 6pm. They can do their homework there, so our evening time is saved for other things. If you need additional childcare from 6pm - 8pm, maybe you can line up a high school student or arrange to pay another parent to take care of your child for that time period.

    I was a member of for a little while, and got some leads that seemed good. I never followed up to the point of interviewing or hiring anyone, due to changes in my life, but you might want to check them out to see if there is someone who can meet your needs for a couple of hours per day.

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