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Married Working Moms: Did you keep your own name when you got married? Why or why not?”

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  • I got married at 34 and decided to be traditional and change my last name, even though my husband never expected nor asked me to. I now have a really difficult first AND last name, but I feel like it makes us a real "unit". Also, I just had my first child and I like the idea of us all having the same last name.

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  • Dana, that's flippin' hilarious!

    I wasn't ever going to change mine. Then, a couple of months before the wedding, I found that I was really tired of spelling my name to people so I changed it. Now I'm all generic and that's just fine because the man I married makes up for it all. That being said, my real full name is long and still interesting but most everyone knows me as Mandy Nelson.

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  • I did not want to change my name. After all it was MY name and, I was proud of it. My husband was very opposed to this idea so, I gave in and changed it. I wanted to hyphen it but it was a realy long name.

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  • This time around I didn't not change my name. When I was first married at 19 years old, I changed it mostly because he wanted it. After our marriage ended I had grown so much personally that is was hard to think about changing my name after I went back to my maiden name. It was so symbolic to me of regaining a totally new respect and awareness of who I was.

    My current husband and I talked about it, it didn't matter to him what I did as long as it was what I really wanted...HE EVEN OFFERED TO CHANGE HIS NAME!! In the end we decided that we would just each retain our own names.

    We couldn't decided what to do with the last name of our future children so we decided to let fate decide if we had a girl first the girl would have his last name as her middle name and my last name as her last name. If it was a boy first (which is was LOL) it would have my last name as a middle name and his father's last name and then any kids after that would have the same as the first child.

    When we write holiday cards or anything else we sign them from, "The Ramsey-Adams Family"

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  • I didn't change my name and my husband hates that fact, even after 12 years and 2 kids! I am who I am, and why should I give something up to be married? It doesn't change the fact that I'm committed to my marriage and my family.

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  • I kept my maiden name for a reason no one else has mentioned - my family heritage. I'm a 3rd generation American with strong roots in Hungary and my husband's family has no idea how long they've been in the US nor do they particularly care. I love my name - so much that we hyphenated our daughter's last name to include both my and my husband's last names. My husband's comment about the name change was that he had no intention of changing his name when we got married so who was he to ask me to change mine? Gotta love an enlightened man!

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  • Oh man. What great stories! Particularly from Dana Hostage. That's hysterical. :))

    I kept my name and hate feeling I should have to explain it in this day and age, you know? My husband is absolutely fine with it. I just wish that name-changing tradition upon marriage had never been started. Gngh. I hate it. That's just how I feel...

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  • I added my husbands name to mine -Holly Jones Cunningham, my husabnd will tell you it's because I didn't want to give up my nickname "Indy Jones" I moved to So Calf when I was in Junior High from Indy, I was on the Cheer Squad and there was already a Holly, so they nicknamed me Indy, well this carried over into high school with Cheer and Waterpolo where the guys changed it to Indy Jones, which was ok with me because WOW Harrison Ford. I added Cunningham because I love both names and didn't want to have one or the other. (Oh should I add my plates on my truck say Indy Jones LOL! You can imagine how excited I am over the new movie!)

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  • I did not get married till I was 42 - so I changed my legal name to be hyphenated with both names - as I had established my credit under my maiden name - but I still go under both.

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  • When I got married I legally changed my name to where my maiden name is now my middle name and my married name is my last name( i.e. Brandi Ann Smith to Brandi Smith Jones). I did this mainly for professional reasons but it also came in handy when I was too lazy (like one of the others wrote) to have my DL changed!

    I’ve been married almost 9 years and I’ve just finally switched to where I no longer go by all 3 names on checks and business cards.

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  • I kept my name for the first few years then my husband admitted that it bothered him that I never changed it. So I changed it. I was a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines and my married last name is Hostage. How about that? Flight Attendant Hostage!

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  • Nope, I changed my name.
    Planning on having my married name longer than my madien name, so figured best to switch now!
    Besides, I love introducing myself with a VERY Irish name, and have people look at me funny, since I actually LOOK very Italian ;) haha

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