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I've decided that in order to preserve my sanity I need to find a part-time personal assistant. I'm not sure that is the appropriate title but this person would need to be ready, willing and able to assist with a multitude of tasks like housekeeping, research, pets/vet visits, childcare, homework help, meals, shopping and other errands as necessary. My question is where in the world do I find someone that would be interested in very part-time work of that nature and what do you think is a fair hourly rate? ”

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  • need...a wife? LOL! That's what I always say, but my feminist alter ego corrects me that the correct term is "domestic assistant".
    I would use the classifieds (or craigslist) both ways...find people looking for housecleaning or childcare work and interview them to see if they are suitable. Prepare a list of all the duties you expect to be done (or hours you need help), post a job listing and see what happens. I gave applicants a list of tasks and told them I could do the list in three hours, and I would pay up to $60 a day to have the tasks completed, or $15/hr, "whichever came first"...
    I pay our household helper $15/hr, and she is worth every penny, recently I gave her a raise to $17.50 (after 6 months of excellent service). I don't have to pick up or de-clutter when she comes, she knows our family well enough now to incorporate that into her cleaning/organizing.

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  • I would say college students, they always need money, are more reliable than high school students, and usually need part-time work.

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  • I know that if you have a Cleaning Service come out to your house and tell then what you are looking for that these people would like that extra service on the side! I own a cleaning company, but we do A Lot more than just clean we do errands, such as: grocery shopping, vet visits, meal cooking, laundry service, running kids to there activities...etc... If you ask we always work it in! But you have to find a small business owned company. Marry Maids will not do all that! Post an add on Craigs list!

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  • I dont know if you have a local craigs list, but you might want to post an ad there if you do.

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  • I've heard of personal concierge services. Here's a link to one in my area: It might be a lot pricier than a college student, but it might be at least worth looking into!

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  • I just want to say that I've said this to my husband many, many times -- I need a personal assistant:) I haven't thought seriously about hiring one, but I would look at local colleges -- it seems a college student or a grad student needing some income would be interested.

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  • Your wish list is pretty varied and long, so you might need to narrow it down in order to find someone that's good at 2-3 things that you really need and/or REALLY don't want to do yourself.
    Several of the tasks are in the nanny-realm, so a personal assistant might not be what you're actually looking for. However, if your need is heavier on the errands and research end, you might be looking for a personal assistant.
    Are there any occasional sitters you use that might be interested? Local colleges or sitting services would be a good place to start. Ask around, too. Oddly enough, my SIL was talking to someone in a park when they came to visit us here and ended up with the number of a "Go-to-Girl" service, that does all kinds of errands and tasks, similar to what you're looking for, but I don't know where I would have gotten that number without that random interaction. I would probably look to pay the same as the going hourly rate for a nanny/sitter. Plus, you'll need to pay gas if they use their own car for errands.

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