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Is your daughter a princess? There is a humorous column in the March 27 LA Times titled "Resist the princesses." Do you discourage it when your daughter wants to be a princess? Or is it just part of growing up for girls?”

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  • My daughter is a total princess! Girly girl!!! I don't discourage it because I think its important for a girl and her self confidence and confidence in making decisions about what she wants. I don't encourage it to the other extreme though so she forgets who she is and everything is focused around looks and what material things she has. There is a balance to everything.

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  • I must admit, I kinda like the princess stuff. Not to an extreme, but I do think it's cute and fun. My daughter's still a little young for it, but she does LOVE "Cinderelly" and dancing in her tutu. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

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  • I am the proud mama of 2 princesses. A wore her cinderella shoes and dress to school at least 2 times a week when she was 2. Imagination is important and wonderful, and I can't imagine trying to stifle that. I discourage Diva behavior, but we do love to let our imaginations run free.

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  • Mine just started the princess thing- especially after we went to Disneyworld last month. Waited in line for over an hour so she could get her pic taken- then she freaked and refused by the time she got close to them...Anyway back to your question- No I don't discourage it. If she is not hurting herself, others and it is not morally wrong, I let my baby girl be whatever she wants!

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  • I would not discourage it. She should have fun with the concept now while she is young. If she tries to play princess in High School then I will have issue with it.

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