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Ah-Ha! Have you had an Ah-Ha moment yet in your life? What was it? I just had mine last night.”

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  • Ohhhh....I see now. Carmelsugarberry posted her Aha under Member Articles. I just read it. Wow, that does sound like an Aha moment! I know I've had some Aha moments, but like Kate, I'm drawing a bit of a blank. But I know that I've found quotes that I've saved in my computer that really resonated in me when I read them. Here's a sample:
    "Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."
    Jalal al-Din Rumi (1207-1273; Persian Sufi poet, jurist, theologian, teacher)
    One of the things I get out of it is that hey, we all try to do the right thing, but we're not perfect, and maybe if we all understood that a little better, there'd be a little more compassion and understanding in the world, and a little less judgment. Plus I think the image of a field as a middle ground is a lovely image. Of course, it'd have to be filled with fragrant flowers. :-) - Paula.

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  • I have a good one! I have been in quite an interesting financial situation lately. I have a very close friend who told me that I had a fear of lack. I thought she was crazy at first, but took the time to analyze exactly what she meant.

    Most of us have a fear of something. My fear of lack in relation to money was causing the very struggle. This means for instance: You have many bills facing you at once, and a limited amount of funds of course. You decide on the lesser amount of the bills to make sure your pocket is still padded with a just in case notion rather than a notion of faith.

    That was a true Ah-Ha for me.

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  • Paula - i was SO THINKING THAT SAME THING! and then didnt post it... glad you did. i am sure i have had many 'ah-ha' moments... but right now i can't think of them - of COURSE

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  • Oooh, that's cruel! How can you tell us you had an Aha moment and not tell us what it was? Hee hee... ;-) - Paula.

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