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I think the concept of being a working mom are all lies. I feel like I've been lied to about being able to do it all - wife, mom, professional f/t. Something important has to be comprised. It's just doesn't all get done.”

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  • Definately have to delegate some things. I only work part time so most of the time I am able to manage everything, but if I worked a forty hour week I would have a house cleaner and help with meals. I think until you are in the thick of it you don't realize how all ecompassing having kids is and how hard it is to maintain a career. Especially since having my second there are many times I really wanted to just stay home so I could focus on "just being a mom:" That is a full time job in itself! Now, I can say for the most part I am happy I stayed in my career field, although I say that probably because I am able to work three days a week so I have been able to have a little of both worlds. I think the sooner we accept we really can't do everything and need help that the happier working moms will be.

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  • This is why my house is a disaster. I have happy kids with full bellies and I'm happy because I have a career I love. Something gave - the housework. :-)

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  • I agree! Women that are stay-at-home moms always say that their "work is never done". Add to that full-time employment. If a stay-at-home mom is worthy of the job title "homemaker", than women who both work AND take care of their home deserve the title of "super homemaker".

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  • Agreed! You cannot do it all. You need support....whether it's from your spouse, friends, family, or people you hire (cleaning, cooking, nanny, dog walker, etc.).

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