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Hi all, Am new to the site my first question ! I have never used a childminder before and am going back to work full time , have always had the kids aunt around. Do I find the childminder first or apply for the job. Kinda what came first the chicken or the egg. Any guidance would be great . Thanks”

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  • If it's cost prohibitive to put your kids in daycare while you look, as it is for me, you'll have to get resourceful. If you are looking to use a nanny or childminder instead of daycare, you could use the time that you are interviewing to interview nannies by having them babysit while you are looking. Of course, it's stressful, but what isn't these days? On the other hand, if you are using a daycare, you might get your kids on the lists now and use a babysitter to cover until a spot opens. In our city the wait lists are super long so I've got her on a few lists and an interim plan to cover until our ideal place opens. I've used that analogy of chicken and egg a lot lately. For us it doesn't make financial sense to pay for a daycare before having the income of the job.

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  • I would put the kids in daycare first so you can get them acclimated and work on getting a job at the same time. You can start them a couple of hours the first day, then work them up to full time in a couple of weeks. While they're in daycare, you can devote 100% to finding a job, going on interviews, etc. and you won't have to worry about finding someone to watch them.

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