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Need advice - I am planning my son's 9th birthday party. He is shy and normally just wants a family party but this year he asked for a party with the boys in his class. So I invited only his class (there are four 3rd grade classes). Now my question - one of my "mom friends" also has a son in another class (same grade) but our boys don't play together....but our younger sons do play together. I didn't invite her older son to the party - she doesn't seem to care but I am feeling regret for some reason. It is a small community and the moms all know eachother socially. We are friends, our older boys aren't but our younger boys are. She didn't invite my older son to a birthday party last year. Am I overthinking this one?”

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  • No, stay cool. The way I see it is you would just be putting more stress on your son to make friends and hang out with everybody, or someone gets left out of the fun. It's better to just invite classmates.

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