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Anyone have kids who are picky eaters ? Sometimes I feel like the kids dont eat the right foods at all! ( age 2 and 4) Then sometimes I feel like they are doing so much better than I did, that they eat wonderfully! They eat the norm. Wheat Pasta/Pizza/grilled Cheese/ fruit/ hamburgers/ chicken nuggets/ PB&J-on whole wheat/ Fish Stix/ some veggies for the 4yr old./ all pancakes/ frenchtoast/ bacon/ Is that a horrible menu? They are both thin and at 90% per the DR. for height and weight. ”

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  • I have 4 children. My first had problems as an infant, but for the most part is not a picky eater. She is fine now and eats a wide variety of all things. I have to push the fresh fruits b/c she's a tweeny who thinks it's cool to eat alot of junk. But, my second child was very picky from the time he was an infant. We had alot of trouble with him, but I stayed the course. He was very stubborn and wouldn't eat green veggies. I had to force the issue by giving little bits and telling him he had to eat them. It was hard, but he gets it now at 8 years old. I still have to watch him when he goes to school so I pack a variety of things he likes like PB&J, bagels, fruit cups, yogurt, cheese sticks, water bottles, juice boxes instead of soda. I try to get what he likes so he won't fight as much.

    My 4 year old is excellent. He'll eat whatever I put in front of him. I usually like to give all of them options so they feel empowered, but they also know if they don't like the choices I give - they can choose not to eat also and wait until the next meal. That usually gets compliance. It's also an option that is supported by their pediatrician. I give healthy options and you can decide whether you want to eat it or not.

    My youngest one is another picky one. He won't eat most meats yet, but we've slowly got him to eat chopped meat in tacos, sausage on pizza, and small bites of chicken nuggets. I feel okay with that b/c he starting out slowly and I know he'll pick up more as time goes on. He did the same with fruits and now he loves it.

    Just be patient, gives healthy choices, don't force them to eat, encourage them to eat when they're hungry by offering variety. If they don't eat something they say they wanted save it till the next meal. Be consistent. Picky eaters will come around eventually if you stay consistent.

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  • My oldest, M, is a fruit and vegetable nut, always has been. She will pick up and eat a green pepper whole. Her favorite foods are tomatoes and oranges.
    A, the almost 4 year old, is a different matter altogether. She refused to eat meat until she was 3. She could live on mac-n-cheese and pizza. And she will just not eat if she's not interested, and what she likes today, she may hate tomorrow. We try not to make special things for her, and sometimes I freak out a little thinking that she doesn't eat enough, but she's normal sized for her age, and healthy, so we just go with it.

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  • Deb,

    My daughter (3.5 years of age) is indeed a picky eater. Besides the fact that kids are in the mood for different foods at different times -- just like the rest of us -- my daughter is NEVER in the mood for most of the vegetables and is almost always in the mood for the same 2 or 3 foods she absolutely loves. My husband and I had to become very inventive with this for being able to feed our kid with a variety of foods, including vegetables.
    I think the menu you enlisted above looks yummy and very complex, covering the basic nutritional needs of a 2-4 years old kid.
    Think about what you eat and see if there are any similarities with what your kid eats. Most of the times, our kids mirror our habits -- most of them we are not even aware of until we see somebody mimicking them.

    Bon appetit.

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  • Wow, I think you are doing a great job with the menu.
    My son eats about 5 - 7 things. Pizza, Pin wheel pasta, brocoli, peas, veggie nuggets, and chicken(once in a while). Waffles and whole wheat pancakes. He is a huge fruit eater so that is good.
    My daughter...she is a foodie. She loves everything.

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  • My youngest cousin was/is a VERY picky eater growing up. She wouldn't eat anything but liquid jellow and dry spegetti. When my aunt questioned the doctor, he examined her and noted she seemed perfiectly fine. He also told my aunt to not sweat it, that she (my cousin) would eat when she got hungry.

    She's perfectly fine now. Still picky...but perfectly fine.

    I'm totally blessed with the fact that my duaghter was never a picky eater. Then again, we never allowed it to happen nor gave into it with her. She's always had a very wide palate and dearly loves a lot of things that even I won't eat (frogs legs and estcargo for starters - she's been eating both since she was 5).

    When she was younger, we very rarely went to the children's menu in restaurants cause they're nothing but fried foord anyway for the most part. Instead, hubby and I would order our own means and then give her part of what we ordered. That way, she always ate a large variety of foods. At one restaurant, they graciously gave her a scaled down version of an adult meal because they didn't have a children's menu.

    As long as they're find, you can always slip in the "good and healthy" things in by disguising them. Heck, I even pureed the giblets and mixed them into the gravey cause my sis in law was pickey and nobody else was during 1 Thanksgiving dinner. She never knew the difference Daughter HATES green pepers, but I chop them so fine and stick them in the spegetti sauce and she never knows.

    Sometimes, ya just gotta be sneaky.

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