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How many times a day do you check your email?”

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  • Too many. LOL

    But seriously, I get up to 300 emails per day, 75% are cc's and 1% actually need action. But, if I don't keep checking I get buried and will miss something.

    At least 4 times, but most typically it is constant when I'm not in a meeting, and yet sometime when I am.

    My email is my memory, to do list, and honey-do list.

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  • I too have 3 different emails and I feel like I am a little obsessed with checking them. I really worry that it will creat a little resentment with the little ones, kind of like the second I get on the phone. When I go to the computer they run to me and try to climb up on my lap..this is difficult while trying to run a website.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamalolo on 27th April 2008

  • I have upward of 7-10 email accounts, and I check them multiple times a day maybe as many times as I have email accounts. I am obsessive when it comes to checking my email.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Yvonne on 19th April 2008

  • I feel like lately I am checking it way to often. Maybe close to being obsessive, especially with work.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by lynn59 on 18th April 2008

  • I have three email addresses - two for work and one for personal. When I am at work, I usually have all three open and check them regularly, I am with you Diane - if they clog up, it seems to take forever to respond to them all, but if I respond as they come in, maybe 30 seconds to a minute each, it doesn't seem to intrude as much. At home, I will check them again at night after my son goes to bed. On weekends, probably check just at night if at all.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cleo on 17th April 2008

  • When I'm at work? Constantly... it's always up in one window. When I'm not at work? Rarely... getting a minute to myself to log on and check email is difficult!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 16th April 2008

  • I don't count I just check. I sometimes let it go and it gets too full and I have to clean it out. But, when it's clean I try to stay on top of it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 16th April 2008

  • I am constantly on work email during the day- I check it every hour - somtimes more often if I am trying to avoid a project at work -I receive over 100 messages a day so if I don't check often I can get buried quickly. When I'm out of the office (I work 3 days a week) I have a smart phone so I check email on my phone on my days off to stay in touch and make sure I don't miss any fires at work that might pop up. I check my personal email account 1-2 a week

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rae on 16th April 2008

  • I don't check work e-mail outside of work hours - usually. If I've been out of the office for part or all of the day, then I'll check in on it; but up until the last couple of weeks, we weren't set up for it and I couldn't have even if I wanted to! (Maybe that wasn't so bad after all.) My personal e-mail is always open in a Firefox tab (I use Gmail).

    Like Diane said, I tend to want to deal with e-mail pretty quickly, so I do check it pretty often. E-mail isn't really a huge issue for me, though - my thing is how often I check my Google Reader for feed updates. :-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 16th April 2008

  • Hey everyone. That's an interesting comment, Nataly. Because I remember you said a while back you were trying to portion it out instead of checking it constantly - and I've been thinking about that ever since. That's because I check my email many, many times a day, except for the occasional day when I feel I must have a break and I'll go one or two days without it. Now, I know the efficiency experts recommend against obsessive email checking. However, I've found it's far more effective and less stressful (for me, anyway) to keep a constant check on it. Much better, that is, than checking it only - say - once or twice a day and having to deal with a huge buildup of email. When I know I probably have a huge logjam of email to deal with, I tend to procrastinate and put off checking it longer and longer, hence the stress factor! Which is odd because I really enjoy communicating via email. Another factor for me, being in web-based media, is that I communicate with colleagues via email and never in person or by phone. So when something happens or a discussion takes place, you need to be there if at all possible. A day or two later (or even later the same day), the issue is resolved, which is bad news if you want to stay in the loop. So, that is why I check my email all. the. time...and I'm not ashamed! :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 16th April 2008

  • Many, many times in some days and once a day in other days.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorena on 15th April 2008

  • 8-5 it is on and makes noise when I have an email.

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