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How much sleep do you get at night? And how do you catch up if you fall behind?”

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  • about 6 hours/night. I always catch up during the week-end.

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  • Im up most nights until 2am..after all the kids are in bed I spend an our with my early to bed hubby,pick up the house(I work better in a tide space)then I begin working on the computer, doing research, making audio's or reading. Up at 7 with my 4 youngest ones and a big cup of coffee.
    Every day except Monday(my office day) I curl up with my 2 youngest ones at 1pm and tell a story then sleep 2 hours, get up a 1/2 b4 the babys and help Ms.10 yr with home work, wake the babys, do snack.........
    Well rested Mom to 6

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  • Well, considering that neither of my kids sleeps through the night yet . . . and I work until about midnight or 1 am . . . not a heck of a lot! About 5 hours a night, I´d say. Broken. :P

    To stay alive, I usually have a nap during the day when one of the kids is napping and my husband has the other. (They NEVER sleep at the same time!)

    That and lots of coffee. And the occasional Red Bull. :D

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  • not enough- to bed by midnight up by 6am...

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  • I usually get 8 hours a night. I try very very very hard to keep my sleep routine during the week. Getting less than 8 hours of sleep just about kills me. Also if I have to get up with a kid in the middle of the night (or a pet) it completely screws me up the next day. Luckily it is rare that I am up in the middle of the night!!

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  • I usually get 7 hrs. Which sounds good, but I am constantly getting up a few times a night to either pee or check on the kids. So its not really solid.
    To catch up, hubby and I let eachother sleep late on the weekends.
    SAT he can sleep late, I take the kids to breakfast or the park in the AM,
    SUN I sleep late, he does the same.
    So we both sleep until 10-11 once a week.
    Even if I am not tired, I stay in bed, watch TV, or read magazines.
    3 hours of peace and quiet really relaxes the soul.

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  • 6-7 hours a night. I have to be really exhausted to not wake up around 6 am which is when my alarm usually goes off - even on weekends and vacation. I catch up with a nap on the weekends, when possible.

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