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How do you handle it when you have to break a promise to your kids due to a work situation?”

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  • I just explain that I know I promised, but mommy has to work. I then usually tell them that we can plan for another day or do something different if they want and what would that be. Then they feel that they are a part of the decision making process. It usually pacifies them and they are ok. I make sure to tell them though that I will see what I can do. No promises are made to my kids about plans unless I am absolutely sure that they won't be broken. It is always a we'll do the best we can sort of plan. It's easier that way the child doesn't look forward to an absolute for sure thing. If it comes it comes and they are that much happier and no one breaks any promises.

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  • I just tell her how it is and then try to make the time enjoyable if I can. She knows where money comes from.

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  • Argh! I hate this. But I guess I don't sweat the platitude of "Never break your promise to a child." My children understand that there is a direct equation between "Do you like food?" and "Mommy has to work." And I explain that this is beyond my control, I am sorry, but this is happening, and that is that.

    They have to get used to disappointment sometime-- even if it means being disappointed in ME.

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