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Would you trust your adolescent or teen child with your ATM card and password to get out cash for you if were were busy? ”

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  • It isn't that I don't trust my kids, because I do, but allowing them to have access to something that could possibly financially devastate our family is something I don't foresee happening. I have too many concerns with the card & pin getting into the wrong hands (I don't have an ex to worry about) and possibly facing an identity theft crisis.
    Instead I've been looking at getting the kids set up with their own checking accounts that have debit cards attached to them. I can deposit money in for them as need be (school lunch, activities, emergencies) and they have a safer place to keep their "mad money" than a desk drawer, in a shoe, the kitchen counter, and all the other places I find their money.

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  • I think it depends on the child. My children are not quite that old, so I can not say if I would be able to trust them yet, but my cousin Louie is 12, and the most responsible kid I have ever met. I would trust him. I think we all hope that our children are trustworthy, and at this point in time, I think my children will be, but you can never predict what a child will do.

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  • Yes. I've done it.I certainly trust the kids to use it appropriately. (No worries about them stealing my money!) I hadn't thought about the possibility of the info getting to their dad. But then, the girls haven't seen nor spoken to him in over a year, so it's a moot point.

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  • LOL at Elizabeth!

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  • Oh, I'm supposed to pretend I have money in there to answer this question, right?

    Yes, I would trust my kids with the card and the PIN. I would feel better if they were getting it to bring right back to me, though.

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  • Kathy, that is my main concern as well.

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  • No because I would fear that giving it to the kids would open the door for my ex-husband to get his hands on it also. And even if the ex didn't get the physical card, I wouldn't want him to get the PIN from the kids either.

    I would consider it *IF* banks had technology that allowed me to set up an additional PIN that had a MAX withdrawal limit attached to it and didn't allow the user of that PIN to see bank balance information or other transactions.

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