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At what age do you think you will let your kids have a cell phone? Please share why you have chosen the age that you have.”

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  • Both of my kids now have cell phones; I bought the first one when my son started participating in after school sports & I couldn't be there to watch all of the practices and games. I suppose it's the overprotective part of my personality that led to the purchase, but over the years it has been a great addition to our family. I have managed to control the costs using the Tmobile pay as you go plan; the phones are inexpensive and for $100 you get 1,000 minutes that are good for a year.

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  • I got my oldest son one this summer. He is 13. One of the reasons I got him one is that we had to change our plan when my husband's phone died, so it was about the same price to add my son. Another reason is that he is with his father for visits a lot (custody arrangement) with his brothers, and I thought it would be a little easier to get hold of the kids and also coordinate things. Sam is old enough now and very responsible. If anything, I have to ask him to carry his phone with him MORE than he does!

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  • My daughter is 15 now. She bought her first cell phone when she was in fifth grade and we fed it with metered card service. I don't know if I would have done this if we lived in the U.S. We live in Istanbul and pay phones are far and few between, and dthe ones there are are frequently out of order. All home phones are on metered service, too. so there is no culture of teenagers talking on the phone for hours.

    Also, a few months before we let her have the phone, there had been an earthquake not too far from our city that killed 35,000 people-- most of our friends gave their kids phones at that point. There were aftershocks for months. The kids would leave their school building after the shaking, and everyone would have their phones out contacting their parents. She has always been good about using her phone and does not abuse our good will. Mostly she uses the phone to contact me. With her friends, they are more into MSN and Facebbok.

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