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How many childcare providers did you interview before you met your current one?”

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  • When I look for nanny's I go straight to my church we have a daycare their and many of the workers are also part time nannies that I trust well. Another thing I do is go online to one of those online nanny searches and I pick my top 5 and then I interview them. Hope this helped!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by momof3 on 30th March 2012

  • No one tells you how hard it is to find good daycare...its one of my stress points.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Goldenmom15 on 15th March 2012

  • I went to two home day cares and was not happy with what I saw so I posted an ad on kijiji for a nanny listing everything i wanted from a caregiver, including how much i was willing to pay, and i received responses almost immediately! i scheduled five interviews, my current nanny being interviewee 2 of 5. I had a very strong feeling at the time of the meeting that she was the one, but i went through with all of my scheduled interviews just to be sure.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by rosietwinmom on 14th March 2012

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