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Morning and night-time routine: Which is most hectic at your house?”

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  • For me, definitely mornings. I have to get myself ready and still instruct my husband on what to do with the baby, which is supposed to be his job in the mornings since I have to leave the house an hour and a half earlier than him. (He cant seem to get anything done while he is in charge of the baby.) So between my picking out the babies clothes, packing my gym bag, making my lunch, making sure my son has his food for the day, and doing my hair and make up, its complete madness. the funny part is, he gets home later and I am alone for most of the evening, but yet, that part goes just fine!

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  • Night time for sure. I can't understand the amount of energy my little boy has. He has to wake up at 6:15am to get ready for school, we drop him off between 6:45 - 7:00am. I pick him up at 5:30pm. You would think that he'd be a little tired, oh no not him and i am sure he is not the only child.

    So when we get home from school/work, he is still ready to go for whatever. Its a struggle to get him in the bath and its a struggle to get him into bed. AND its the same story every night.

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  • If I had to choose I'd have to say evenings. Children get home at 3:30pm, and I always joke to myself as I see the school bus pull up that "we're off to the races." We get snack and homework done btwn 4 & 5:30pm, and I try to get dinner on the table by 7pm (so Dad can eat with us). Being as though bed is supposed to be at 9:00pm it seems as though the oldest ones can't get done with their evening chore of cleaning the kitchen without fighting, playing, watching TV, and horsing around without direct supervision so that they can get showers in time. My oldest son takes a 30 min shower despite multiple threats of bodily harm (chuckle) So, it gets a little rough around in these parts usually in the evening. I don't wonder why I fall asleep on the couch anymore when I'm supposed to be watching a movie with my husband after they go to bed.

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  • Mornings! Hands down. The 4-year old can never decide on ANYthing (what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, how to do her hair) and is a major dawdler. The 3 month old is great but getting all her gear together, plus trying to eat breakfast, prepare my lunch- Ack! I get a headache just thinking about it!

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  • Definitely evening for us. I hate the rush of doing daycare pick up, feeding, trying to shove some food down my throat, cleaning bottles, getting everyone set for the next day, and general crankiness before I can even sit down.

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  • Night is hard here. Morning are very lazy since no one has to go to work or school. We get up when the kids get us up and it´s not a big deal. BUT, nights are rough. The boys are grumpy and fussy, I`m often rushing to meet a deadline, my husband usually chooses this time to sit and watch a tv show instead of doing something helpful like changing the kids or cleaning them up. The baby always cries for a bit after being put down which makes me feel bad, even though he goes to sleep just fine. And my toddler needs stories and water and then gets up a couple of times if he´s not tired enough and has tantrums . . . it´s a pain in the butt! And I´m thinking about work the whole time, so that´s stressful.

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  • Mornings, no doubt about it. There is never enough time in the morning no matter how much I prepare the night before.

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  • Definitely our mornings. A has this thing with clothes, she hates them. She'll change 5 or 6 times, and when we are finally ready to walk out the door, she'll stroll downstairs totally naked except for panties and shoes.
    I usually make 3 or 4 trips back inside for; coffee, phone, blanket, show and tell, jacket, sunscreen.
    I have tried to get things ready at night, and while it helps me with my stuff, I have found that 4 and 5 year olds definitely do not want to wear in the morning what they picked out at night!

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  • I have found that the more I "let go" of having to have everyone in bed or up at the precise time, the better things go. I am NOT a morning person, but get up and mostly ready beforehand to save that headache. At night, I had to concentrate on getting them to "head that direction" 15 minutes prior to deadline, and not freak if they end up in bed 15 minutes late.

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  • Now that I work from home, our mornings are MUCH easier. Now it's the evening routine. My 10 year old likes to take her sweet time getting ready for bed. If she's up past her bedtime it messes with my routine (sorting through the mail, cleaning up, getting ready for the next day, etc).

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  • Definitely the morning Even though we prepare ahead, nothing ever seems to go right. It's like herding cats.

    We took the advice and guidance of having lunches done, clothes layed out, everything packed and ready, and breakfast that is pick up and eat. My 5 year old still comes to me every morning saying that he can't find an article of clothing that I put with everything the night before. (It's always on the floor where he was getting dressed)

    So, mornings are just what they are and maybe one day everyone will be working in a well oiled machine (yeah right!)

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  • My poor kids! I just have trouble with routine.

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