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How frequently does your husband or significant other pay you a complement? Is it important to you?”

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  • I read the book "Five Love Languages" while in college and realized I need affirmation from my future husband above all. Therefore, when I finally had a husband, I told him that compliments of any kind are necessary for my "love health" and our relationship. My husband is a man of few words, but powerful ones. We have now worked up to at least one compliment a day to each other focusing on things that are important to each of us.

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  • He gives me compliments all the time, but I give him more. He used to be uncomfortable with compliments, and then I taught him to just smile and say, "I am so glad you think so," or "that is so nice of you to say." I am a strong believer in postitive reinforcement, so the people around me are often told that they are beautiful, smart and funny.

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  • Every single day! It took some getting used to actually allowing & believing someone could love me this much (as when it came to men I often thought "yeah, uhuh...right...what do you want?"). But he means it, and now I love to hear it :)

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