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Nursing moms...I have a 13 month old and I am still nursing. I have been really surprised by the reaction of quite a few people when the find out I am still nursing. They can't believe I am still nursing. I think that is odd because in my mind that is still so young to be nursing. I am getting too sensitive or are they out of line?? What's your opinion?”

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  • For someone who has never nursed, I can say that that does sound different to me. I have never met anyone who nursed after one year.
    Excuse my ignorance, but wouldnt you just pump at this point when the child is so big.
    One year old they are about walking and some talking, isnt that old ?
    They say breast milk is best and I understand the bonding as an infant, but as a toddler it is nothing I can really understand. Although I would never bring up the subject to anyone - or respond as your others have.
    I posted this just to pose another point of view, since all posts were saying just what you said.
    Obviously to each their own,
    And you obviously are taking great care of your child, so its too bad that others are rude about it.
    But since you POSTED, I wanted to SHARE my opinion.
    Hope thats ok.

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  • I think they are out of line. It's between you and your husband to decide what is best for your children. Our baby is 10 months old and we are starting to give her breast milk in a cup, but she makes a face...ha! Anyhow, I plan to follow the suggestions to have her weaning around the year mark, but I'm not to excited about it. I'm sure that before bed nursing session will stick around for a couple of months after the year mark.

    I am proud of you for nursing your child! It's hard and requires dedication and sacrifice. Go you!!

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  • I nursed until Sweetpea was 26 months old. After the first year is was just in the morning and at night because that's what worked for us. You do what feels right for you. My response to those whose tone suggested judgment was to express a bit of astonishment. Why wouldn't I do what was best for my child?

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  • I feel ya. My baby is not quite 11 months and still nursing. I plan to nurse as long as we both still want to...and yes the AAP does recommend breastfeeding to a year and then for as long as is desired by the nursing couple. If your baby still needs to nurse, and you feel good about that. That's great. I'm pretty sure I'll still be nursing in 2-3 months...and the comments are already coming. When people ask how long I plan to continue, I tell them as long as we want to. I don't let the conversation continue beyond that if I feel that they are being judgmental...It's a very personal choice and nobody has the right to jump in your business when you don't want them to.

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  • if it works for you and your baby that good for you! my sister is nursed her daughter until about 18 months or so and she had transitioned to milk in a sippy cup - she never had a bottle. A lot of folks in the US end up stopping before the 13 month mark because of circumstances/cultural norms and are just not used to seeing it. however, there are more and more moms who are able to nurse longer and that is great! :) whatever works best for you family is OK! dont let other people's judgement change your course :)

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  • They're surprised because it's still unusual, but the more women like you out there, the less unusual it will become. As long as they're just surprised and not judgmental, they're entitled to their reaction. But *my* reaction is "Good for you!"

    I nursed all three of my kids to 13 months. I weaned the first, and later regretted it. Here's my thoughts on the subject: If it's perfectly okay for an 18-month-old to have a bottle -- and most people have no trouble with that -- then why would nursing be any different? Sucking is sucking, folks!

    In fact, last I heard, the APA was saying that breast milk was optimal till a child was a year old. You could double-check; standards do change, but if that's still the advisory, then the real question is not "Why are you still nursing?", but "Why would you wean sooner than a year if circumstances didn't force you to?"

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  • They are out of line- it is none of their business. I nursed mine for 9 months and then all of a sudden she wanted nothing to do with me (even sooner for my son). I think it is great that you are continuing. I would guess that if some of them nursed, they are jealous that you were able to for so long. Some women I know get weird-competitive like when it comes to such things. Tell them to mind their own bees-wax. More power to ya baby!

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