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I'm thinking about this now, because my favorite day is definitely NOT Monday. It is, and always has been, Friday. I just love being right in front of a weekend, whether that meant a couple of days partying with my friends (in my old life!) or a break from the work-week madness and a chance to spend some real time with my family (in my current life!). What day is your favorite - and why? ”

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  • haha i would normally say friday's are a pretty good bet. but this last friday was killer. i would not like that friday to be re-enacted anytime soon. it has spilled over to monday. this week will certainly not be boring... but i have no idea which day will be the 'best'! i think Sunday's might be my favorite. have had fun on saturday with the family and get to spend another day doing whatever but have the start of a fresh new week on the horizon with a new perspective. yes, i think i will say Sunday's are my current favorite.

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  • Definitely not Monday -- although Monday is not my least favorite (I like a fresh start to the week). I'd have to say either Friday or Saturday -- I work a ton on both days, but they feel more relaxed, I get to see my husband and daughter, and there is less email/phone/running around craziness.

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  • I don´t really have a favorite day these days. I don´t have days off (my blogging job is 7 days a week) and my husband works on weekends, so Friday isn´t really a great day for me! I guess Wednesday . . . just because that´s the night Supernatural is on. :)

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