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On parenting gurus: do you subscribe to any one school of thought? E.G. Sears, Brazelton, etc? Or are you SO over over-thinking it?”

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  • Totally over it!
    Tried to just go our own route, except with the night crying as an infant.
    Once they hit the mark where they didnt feed at night but still wanted to get up for no reason.
    We totally did the ferber method.
    worked like a charm!
    ( hubby had to do it)
    I couldnt take all that crying without picking him up and just rubbing his back.
    painful for a night, but
    we have been sleeping though the night for years on end!

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  • I can't even tell you how many times I read "The Baby Book". Sears/Sears gave me confidence. When my son came along, I picked up another book on how to manage a needy baby (can't remember that title anymore). It got me through some of the worst colicky nights and helped me bond to my son.

    I don't subscribe to everything they talk about, but they showed me an easy parenting style that I never had growing up. Following some of their advice kept me calm and enjoy my babies. I completely recommend their bonding approach.

    I never knew a book could teach you to parent. "The Baby Book" was my bible.

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  • Ok, I guess I'm from another era here. Record of pee and poop? Fluid intake? Unless the child was seriously ill, you've got to be kidding, right?

    When I was growing up, there was Dr. Spock (not the Vulcan) and even my mother wouldn't give him credence.

    School of thought? That was called common sense where I come from.

    The family is a dictatorship, NOT ever a democracy. The dictators are called parents. There are rules and boundaries, set out by the dictoators and if said dictatees don't like it - tough! That's life and that's the way it is.

    The Dictators are fair, but tough. That's the way it is. They have a responsiblity to put a roof over their underlings head, clean clothes on their back and food in their stomach, love them, and make sure they're safe and healthy. Anything else is extra and not necessarily necessary. The dictoators don't owe the underlings cds, labeled clothing, the newest fad, etc.

    I'm sorry, but I REALLY have a very ard time even believing that some of the so-called gurus advocate anything OTHER than pure ole common sense. And the only one I've read that comes close is John Rosemond(?) I guess maybe I'm old school, then.

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  • I bet I'll be over it pretty soon, but right now I'm still pretty into Dr. Sears. I have "The Baby Book" and pull that big ol' thing out every so often to check things out. It makes me feel better, but I don't follow everything to the letter of the law...when I try, it just drives me one can parent with a book in the other hand anyway:).

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  • So over over-thinking it!

    When my son was a newborn we kept a JOURNAL of all his pees, poops, how much fluid he took in at what times, hours of sleep, whether to use a pacifier, whether to cosleep, whether to cloth or disposable diaper took until he was about ummm 9-10 months old until we stopped worrying so much about everything. By that time he was crawling and we were too busy trying to keep him from getting hurt and help him survive the dangers of babydom, then toddlerdom, and now 3 year old(dom) to think if we're doing things the exact right way. We just tell him we love him a lot, hug him all the time, laugh at his jokes, support his obsessions...and let him play outside. That's our dogma.

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