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Do you ever feel depressed? How do you manage to overcome that feeling? ”

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    Of course I've struggled, with four pregnancies and three kids. Unfortunately, it no longer feels like a struggle in the temporary sense; it feels like who I am now. After spending a dozen years on top of my field while supporting the family (and a stay-at-home-dad for four years, just before the divorce), I was suddenly separated from my job/second family, and have not found satisfying work in 2.5 years since. First dream job ended after nine months when the company collapsed, the second one when the startup decided it was too soon to have employees after all, and the third after a five-day standoff between the founders: one wanted the position filled and the other didn't. After all that time, to be offered close to $100K, with benefits and stock options up the wazoo, and to have all that hope at last... and then to be let go on the fifth day just shattered me. I'm totally dependent on my meds, and am looking into having them adjusted again to combat anxiety, lack of concentration, and just not being good company in general. I desperately need a partner to help raise my family and run the household because I can't do it by myself anymore, but they unfortunately aren't listed in the Pottery Barn catalog. I'm trying to do things that take me out of the house, but mostly I want to stay in bed until the day is over or until it's time to pick up my kids and I can be sparkly again. My one consolation is that they tell me all day, every day, how much they love me and that they "could never have a better mom." I'm incredibly blessed, but I can't get my cortisol levels down or my brain to recognize the good stuff...

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  • Yes, I suffered from depression after loosing my first child and realizing I could not keep career and family together. I had to seek professional medical assistance to overcome it. Since that first touch with depression, it seems to have never really "left the building". Almost like if I let the negativity or anxiety of life take over my thoughts, the depression will inevitably return. To keep my life on the positive track, I write in a journal, see an acupuncturist regularly, and talk.

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  • Yes, I have struggled with depression for my entire adult life. I take medications for it now, but sunshine helps; yoga helps; running and walking help; mindless books help too.

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  • I can actually say, yes there are times when I do feel depressed when I see how other parents & families make do and become stronger where I see the failure in how I raise my family. I also know part of my depression deals with unemployment, it does take a lot of you and while it is great staying home with your kids it gets expensive since we want to do things. I been working out lately at the gym which has lifted my mood but there is my downplay of the money can be used elsewhere

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  • This question is kind of like asking, "do you breath?" Everyone feels down once and a while. Chronic major depression is more rare, but not uncommon. I had a long trough of depression after my father died that I was unable to climb out of by myself. I sought medical help and now am okay. Having experienced the real thing, the every day variety of the blues is less troubling. I used to keep a bedtime gratitude journal, until I learned to apply the concept to every day living. It is not that the glass is half full or half empty, but that there is a glass at all. Living in Turkey and seeing grinding poverty helps keep things in perspective.

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  • It's a great question because I think most working moms feel depressed (or sad) at some point or another. I try to stay in the moment and focus on what I need to do at that moment then I feel less overwhelmed. I also keep a gratitude journal where I isolate some of the good things going on. For example, it's a nice sunny day instead of being rainy.

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  • I don't know that I ever feel depressed, but I do feel tired and overwhelmed (like right now, for example!). When I feel like that, I try to "fake" my way through the day, and that usually does the trick.

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  • I can't say that I have ever been depressed exactly but I have had moments where I feel completely unmotivated. Doing something physical like going for a walk or a bike ride usually helps. Also, doing small projects that I can see quick progress always improve my mood! Cleaning a closet is a great example!

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