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I'm just curious to see how many of you guys play with your kids? When I say play, I mean really get down and play on their level on a regular basis. Whenever we go to kiddie places, we seem to be the only ones and this makes me sad. So I want to hear from all the people that play with their kids!”

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  • Yes! My 3-year-old asked me recently if I was really a grown up and, when my 12-year-old was 3, she had asked the same thing. That's one of my favorite parenting memories...

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  • That's been one of my goals for awhile, although it is hard to stop multitasking. When I actually do it, though, it gives me so much joy it makes me wonder why I ever thought to put it off so I could do dishes or watch Oprah (no offense, Big O...).

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  • I play, but sometimes begrudgingly. I have to agree with Nataly that it's sometimes really HARD to make myself stop getting dinner ready, or cleaning up just one more thing, to play with my 3-yr-old. I don't feel very creative or interested in the department of "bad guys vs. Ninja Turtles" action-adventure. Sigh. But this question -- and your answers -- are a good reminder that it's IMPORTANT. I'm going to try to do better. :)

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  • We play -- on the floor, outdoors, at the kitchen table -- every day. Of course, it helps that I'm one of those silly people who never stopped believing that certain toys are "real", so I'm confident the toys enjoy being played with as much as my son and I enjoy playing with them.

    I'm really lousy at making truck sounds, though.

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  • That's awesome! I love to hear it! Like Lorena said, it's good to be a kid again!

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  • We play with the girls everyday. They love to play barbies with me, but I always get to be the evil queen, or the (surprise) Mommy. Now that it's nice, we get to play "Monster" outside. Husband and I are the monsters, and we chase them while the squeal and run around like crazy.
    Most fun part of any day.

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  • Every night at 5:45 I shut down my computer and get silly with my daughter until she goes to bed -- my husband plays with us when he comes home as well. It's the best thing I do all day -- even though it's hard sometimes to pull away from some "urgent" call/to-do.

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  • When our sons were young, we always played with them. Thomas the Tank Engine toys were their favorite!

    Now that they are teens, we still "play" with them - computer games, board games, Guitar Hero, etc. The "toys" may have changed, but it's still important to have that time to connect with them, on THEIR terms. I will say, I like their toys now better than when they were little guys! :-)

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  • My husband and I do this every day with our daughter. It is so much fun to act like a kid again (and have an excuse) :)

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