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Do you ever turn off your cell phone?”

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  • somedays I let it drain down on purpose. I leave my house and my office with the kids and we just go somewhere to be -- the park, mcdonald's play area, the zoo -- anywhere I can go to just be quiet...quiet in my mind...being with a 1 and 4 year old is not quiet but it is a good noise -- not the noise of the office, of the clients, of the undone work....then I freak out and after about 3 hours have to check my phone and computer at home...xoxo

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sandra beck on 20th May 2008

  • absolutely, especially in the evenings and when i want to rest w/o being disturbed. with text messaging and voicemail, it's rare that i miss anything all that important and in an emergency, those that need it have my work/home phone.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Almond on 20th May 2008

  • Yes, My phone is off more than it is on, Only a few people have my cell phone number. School, husband, closest friends. When turned on, I keep it in vibrate so not to annoy others.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by lynn59 on 12th May 2008

  • I don't take it with me into day care, either dropping off or picking up. I like to have that time to talk to our provider and re focus on my daughter.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bsazama on 8th May 2008

  • Absolutely! I actually just caved and got a cell phone last fall. I hate the idea of someone being able to reach me 24/7. Leave a message!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lisa Nelson on 8th May 2008

  • I don't often shut my phone off but it's not always nearby where I can hear it or get to it. I always keep it close if my kids are not with me in case they need to reach me. Anybody else can leave a message.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 8th May 2008

  • during work hours, no. After work and on the weekends, there is no one (ok, maybe other than my children) that I want or need to be that accessible to. As long as I haven't committed to someone (usually the kids) to being available, the cell is at home or shut off.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by OliveMartini on 8th May 2008

  • I don't turn it off, but I am very good at ignoring it or "accidentally" leaving it in the car. LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BrendaG on 8th May 2008

  • Off? No. I do shut off the ringer though and I do take advantage of voicemail technology. :D

    That said, I would prefer to take a call quickly whenever possible/reasonable versus having to check voicemail and try to connect w/someone later.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 8th May 2008

  • No, but I forget it a lot.:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 8th May 2008

  • I often, often want to but every time I do I miss important calls (or at least the caller thinks it is important) and I get fussed out. It's just easier to screen calls. Plus, both of my kids are in school and I need to be available for them.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ARFamilyFun on 8th May 2008

  • yes.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorena on 8th May 2008

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