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Besides the pool, beach and sprinklers, what low-cost summer activities are you planning with your kids?”

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  • We are actually incorporating my son into our exercise routine. My husband and I go to the gym several time as a week adn we take him to the gym to have him play with the kids's not entirely working but we trying. And then we have activity centers set up for him at home: A sand/water table, a little kitchen center, a paint center, chalk center, and the water hose. Then we've like to go to the library and we are still working on more stuff.

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  • I know in Central Arkansas we have at least one movie theatre that offers free movies in the summer once a week (not new releases but great kids movies).

    We'll also take a tour of the Arkansas State Capitol, go to the RiverMarket on Saturday morning for the farmer's market and to watch the people, probably go fishing a a local pond, climb some of the local mountains.

    PumpItUp in Little Rock also has a deal where for just a few dollars your kids can play for hours and hours and hours on inflatable toys while you read a book (or I watch a movie on my iPhone after playing with them myself!)

    With the economy down so much, a lot of museums and art centers are offering free nights. Check out the offerings in your area and get your calendar out. I know I am. If you are in the Arkansas area, that is one of the things I discuss frequently on

    Hope to see you there soon.

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  • We like to hike in the woods and take long bike rides. This year I think we'll bring our cameras along so we can take photos on our excursions. Last night my son and I were out hiking when we spotted an owl in a nearby tree. And there we were without the camera! SOBS!

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  • summer reading program @ library, children theater production at local college

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  • they love the park.
    love the local museum with a farm to feed the animals. they can feed the ducks all day!!
    they love the local zoo.
    and I would say the arcade, but that is not low budget! haa!

    mostly check out the local goings on, fairs, etc. keeps me up to date each week!

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  • My kids are in camp during the summer, but I'm planning a few low-cost or free outings with the big kids (workshops at home depot, trips to the library, spending time in the museums where we're members) and activities with the little ones (blowing bubbles, painting with water outside, making our own ice cream, story time at the library, etc). What makes it really hard for me is that I work fulltime outside the home, and so many great activities take place at, like, 11:30 on a weekday...

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