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Does anyone else have phone-phobia?”

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  • LOL, YES! I'm such a phone phobic! I MUCH rather email or chat via IM instead of talk on the phone or meet in person, lol. I've always been a big introvert, but notice that the inhibition is completely gone when I'm speaking to you in writing vs phone / in person.

    Of course, every time I get off the phone, I think "that wasn't so bad!" Heck, most of the time something good comes of it! I don't know if I'll ever get over that though - email probably be my #1 favorite method of communication...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Selene M. Bowlby on 3rd June 2008

  • ooh i hate talking on the phone! once in a while it IS easier to just pick up the phone and hash something out, but i woudl much rather meet in person or email/chat. i am terrible at keeping in touch over the phone!

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  • 4 years ago when I arrived from the Philippines to live here in the States, I would usually cringe everytime I have to answer a phone. It was because I was not that confident with my English. I am now am working as a call center agent that requires me to be on the phone 40 hrs a about irony.

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  • I detest talking on the phone. I actually have lost jobs because I would rather email or chat than talk to someone on the phone! It doesn´t help that my cell is smashed up (thanks to my boys) and is very fuzzy. I can´t hear properly on it and since my hubby is the only person who ever calls me, it´s just not worth it to get a new one.

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  • I used to love the phone, but now I am MUCH more an email person. I am a HUGE fan of caller ID, I must say.

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  • aren't. I don't like to call people. Especially at home...I hate to interupt. Which I know I am because people are never just doing nothing...and if they are, they are probably loving it. Don't want to interupt that! I would much rather email or just leave a message and people can get back to me when they have time. As far as people calling me, it depends...

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  • Diane's question re cell phones got me wondering if anyone else has phone-phobia.

    Hi, my name is Nataly and I have phone-phobia.

    I don't like talking on the phone - -in person or email for quick things.

    When the phone rings any time after say 7pm, I get worried that it's about something bad; if it rings after 10pm (my parents love to call then) I get REALLY worried.

    I often don't pick up the phone and let it go to vmail (drives my mother nuts.) I ask my husband to check vmail at home and often forget to check it on my cell.

    Am I the only one?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 8th May 2008