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Would you get a cell phone for your child? Why or why not? What's the right age to even consider this?”

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  • Yes, in fact, I already have, but I think every situation is different. My daughter is 10, and I bought her cell phone so she would have some way to communicate with me while she is at her dad's and friend's houses. Her dad doesn't have a landline phone, and at the time, he was working, and had the cell with him, so there was no phone in the house. It has also helped to teach her a little responsibility. I bought her one of those pre-paid phones, and she has to do her chores every day in order to save money to purchase the minutes. When she uses the phone to talk to her friends, she has to make sure she has enough minutes to get through the month, or she'll run out, and can't talk until the next month. After she ran out the first time, she realized I meant business, and she started taking responsibility for her minutes. I figure I should take every opportunity I can to teach her responsibility. :)

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  • I got a cell phone for my son when he was 10 years old. He was in a special gifted program which meant he had to travel by city bus each way. The commute was an hour in each direction. The cell phone allowed him to call me when he was getting on and off of the 2 buses involved in his commute. It also allowed him to call me from his school if he wanted to stay after school for a band try out or a softball game.

    He was given a set of rules for use of his phone and he knew that if he abused the privilege he'd have to give up his phone. It's been two years now and other than some minor bumps along the way he's been very mature and responsible with it.

    I wouldn't normally buy a phone for a child that young but now that he has it I feel that I don't worry about him as much even on weekends when he's out playing. I know that he's always at most a phone call away.

    The cell phone came in handy another time. He was attacked and bitten by a raccoon. His friends called 911, then Animal Control, then me. By the time we arrived on the scene he was being treated for the bite, the Animal Control officers had captured the raccoon to test for rabies. Had the kids had to run to find help, the animal may have escaped and caused my son to have a painful series of rabies shots.

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