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How much sugar do you let your kids have? Do you eat more than they do (come on, I promise not to tell:)?”

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  • I don't police the amount of sugar my kids eat all that closely. My son likes sugar/sweet cereals for breakfast so I let him eat that daily if he so chooses. That said, we have a huge candy dish in our house and the kids hardly touch it. I throw away far more than we eat. The bowl usually sits in the middle of the dining room table. It is a bowl in a bowl and sometimes I will fill one bowl with apples, oranges and bananas and the other w/candy. The fruit always gets eaten first. They don't get much soda either. Usually just on special occasions or if we are out to eat. They both drink LOTS of water so I keep refillable water bottles ready to go in the fridge. I bet I consume far more sugar than they do each day but I also eat more than them in general because I am bigger than they are.

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  • My kids get one sugar cereal breakfast a week. Otherwise they eat mostly carbs, or Life Cereal, pancakes , french Toast etc.
    Snack is usually a muffin or cookie
    They get normal lunch , sandwich pBJ or Chicken nuggets, mac cheese. Always w/ fruit and raw veg. Cookie for dessert, or pudding.
    snack is always fruit
    Dinner, normal, meatball, pasta, chicken, fishstix. with rice or french fries.
    Snack/dessert is usually popcorn or pirates booty
    They get one glass of juice a day.
    otherwise its milk or water.
    So lots of sugar for my kids, but not like soda or candy.
    Much less than I ate growing up, so pretty glad about that.
    the kids are about 3 and 4.5

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  • I do eat more sugar than my kids. :) They actually don´t get much at all, since sugar and processed food really wrecks my toddler´s intestinal workings! We usually eat very healthily, but Mama needs her chocolate. ;)

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