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Do you schedule many playdates for your kids?”

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  • Nope. Between their siblings and cousins, (pre) school and church friends, I don't worry about my kids getting to opporunity to find their way amoungst their peers. Socialization is built into the way we live our lives.

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  • No they are teenagers

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  • I arrange a few playdates a month, I think its really important for them to be around other children so they can learn the importance of sharing, and to develop other social skills.

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  • Yes, I do and I try to do it as often as we can. I think it is a good way to teach my kids to network and by offering my home to my kids friends, I will get to know them and their parents. It gives me the opportunity to see if they are "good" kids or not. And by knowing their parents gives me the tool to call them if I need to straighten out some stories like sometimes happens with teens :)

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  • No i have a 13- and 5 we just go with the flow.

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  • Depends on the age of them! An easier way to get honest answers from your friends (fellow moms or coworkers) check out It's a fantastic way to get helpful feedback!

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  • Because I have Tweens & Teens I don't schedule playdates. They are old enough to hang out with their friends as long as I know who they are and where they are going.

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  • I have begun scheduling more of these since I started my own business and now have more flexibility in my schedule. It's really hard when you have to give up some cherished weekend family time to do it, but I believe it's SO important for kids to have the opportunity to play host/hostess, to share their home environment with their friends, to be able to feel a sense of pride in ownership ("Come see my room!"), and to interact with their peers on a more one-on-one level. It enables them to deepen their friendships once they have shared time together in their own habitat instead of just on the playground or at camp. I have made some new friends in the process, too. When they have a new friend they met at camp, whose parents I do not know, I invite both mother and child to come to lunch and play on a Saturday. Mom and I chat while the kids play. It usually ends up being fun for everyone! I find that after school play dates work well on a Friday (when there's no homework and no activities) for kids we already know well because there's not enough time for them to get sick of each other and start arguing. Moms who work full-time outside the home could maybe take off early one day a month to facilitate this so that you don't have to give up time on your weekend.

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  • i arrange for the youngest one to have playdates 1 every fornight since i work and kids go to school

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  • Playdates are really very helpful , i try it on weekends , as on other days they have school . It provides a complete entertainment package for kids.

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  • Not regularly. Since they're in school (or in summer, at camps) I feel like they sometimes need downtime and/or alone-time. I will say that a well-timed playdate is very helpful, however, when the school gives a random student-day-off! I can work from home while the kids entertain themselves!

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  • Not many, but I try atleast once a month.. My kids are all in school during the day so the weekends are their only free time.

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