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My teenager son has had stomach troubles for going on eight weeks now. The doctor has him eating bland, low fat, and absolutely no dairy. Ideas for meals, anyone? I use the crockpot whenever I can, but meal prep needs to be easy. I have to get it ready after teaching all day.”

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  • Hi- Just saw this- hope your son is feeling better now- did they find out what it was. Another thing to check is if he has Celiac Disease- it's like being allergic to gluten. Please look it up. Will check later as have to run out the door. It also causes stomach problems, etc.

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  • Thank you! Stress is a factor, although we don't think it was the original cause. We're going to schedule a visit to the GI specialist soon. Yes, soups are a favorite. Beans and rice will be nutritious and easy on his digestion, too.
    Ah, the "joys" of motherhood.

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  • Beans and rice are always good. Well, I think it's yummy. Has the doctor considered stress as a factor, BTW?

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  • Can he tolerate homemade soups? You can make those easily in the crock pot. Also oatmeal, rice, simple pasta dishes (maybe avoid tomatoes, since the acid in them can irritate sensitive stomachs) and very gently poached meats like chicken and fish? Was dairy the only restriction?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 12th May 2008